The Bakery
C&C Baking is a Family owned and operated business in Arizona. Both Mother and Son have registered kitchens and bake tried and true old world Family recipes and a few new. All of our baking is done with 100% real and natural ingredients, to offer the best natural naughty treats available. C&C Baking also offers Gluten-Free options and 100% Organic Non-GMO upon request as well.

We services southern Arizona in both Cochise and Pima County. Our baked goods are available at local farmers markets, coffee shops, and food co-ops.

A major plus for our Gluten-Free line is that we are celiac safe.

Our Gluten-Free Pastry Chef Toni Cummings bakes everything from her dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen free from any and all possible contaminants. She also has a blend of gluten free flours she has created herself to make the most amazing true to the original baked confections. 

A note from the owners

"We've always loved our sweets, and We've always loved a Mediterranean/Italian diet. We eat a lot of dark leafy greens, and a couple meals each week are meat-free. We enjoy eating a balanced diet, and found that is the secret to a healthy and happy life. We hope you enjoy and love our products as much as we do making them for you."

Customer Reviews

Samantha Smith

Amanda Fregoso

Karen Hesselbach

"So I got some cinnamon rolls today, brought them to my parents and my dad who never likes anything says to me... These are pretty good, my moms were almost this good. I said do you mean they are almost as good as grandmas, he says no these are definitely better. Now my dad is almost 80 and my grandma was an incredible cook. I know this doesn't mean much to you but trust me when I tell you that this was probably the nicest thing I have ever heard my father say about anything. They are amazing! Absolutely amazing I will be trying your other stuff soon."
"I purchased a cinnamon roll and some peanut butter cookies with chocolate on the bottom from their stand at the swap meet this past weekend, and they were AMAZING! 

The 2 gentlemen there themselves were very friendly and the desserts were fantastic. Would definitely buy again."
"The lemon bars are by far the best I have ever eaten!!"

Ciera Creek-Cortes

Janna Cernak

Taylor Laurie Friel

"Oh my gosh! The pumpkin muffin is to DIE for! I had my first one last week and I swear, it was a religious experience! If you haven't tried C&C Baking's delicious treats, you are definetly missing out!"
"Delicious and decadent! They keep me coming back for more"
"They have GREAT goodies. Bought the chocolate glazed donut at The St. Phillips Farmers Market, my son at the wheel box..."