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The Bakery
C&C Baking is a Mother and Son duo that are nationally board certified health coaches, that just wanted to offer people treats that are real and natural.  Everything is made from scratch with the intention of having all the goodness without all the chemical additives.  Our Gluten-Free line is one of the best out there as we don't sacrifice taste and texture in our products.

We wont sell it if we wont eat it!
Our Products
  1. Yummy Cupcakes
    Yummy Cupcakes
    We make gluten-free or regular cupcakes. All made from scratch by hand!
  2. Yummy Cookies & Biscuits
    Yummy Cookies & Biscuits
    From Biscotti to Oatmeal Chocolate Chip to Tea Cookies we do them all.
  3. Yummy Classics
    Yummy Classics
    We love our classic baked goods and so we make them with love and care so you can enjoy them like we do.